Effortless customer engagement

Fluent simplifies customer support with its integrated social engagement and ticketing system, offering a seamless solution for customer care teams.

Fluent is a locally-built platform that understands the language and culture of customer support teams in Saudi Arabia.

Our solution is tailored with the local context in mind.

Connect with customers through their preferred social channels, directly from the Fluent app.

At Fluent, we're passionate about helping care teams deliver exceptional customer experiences.

    • What are the channles that Fluent supports?

      Whatsapp, Twitter (Public/private/realtime stream), Email, Web chat, API

    • Where is the data is hosted?

      In Oracle cloud (Jeddah), each client has his own DB and dedicated server

    • Can I use my on-premise infrastructure?


    • Can you integrate our data?

      Sure, a big part of our CRM is based on your data. Give us the API and ezhalha

    • Q5?


    • Q6


    • Q7?


    • Q8?


    • Any plans to support other channles?

      We will have Appstore, Google Play reviews in Q1. No clear date for others